An ecommerce website allows you to sell your products or services online, ecommerce websites are fully interactive and dynamic, a user can purchase a particular product or service of his choice in minutes and can close the deal by making online payment for the product or service purchased.

Avow India has been building ecommerce website since its inception, we have developed ecommerce website for various industries including Retail, Wholesale, Travel, Hospitality, Apparel and Entertainment.

ECommerce for Exporters

If you are into export business or if you are willing to start your export business in India, we can help you to setup your ECommerce Export Website with which you can jumpstart your export business. You can start garment export business, refractories, food items, electronics, electricals, handicrafts, tea, indian cosmetics, indian food grain etc.

Accept Online Payments

If you are exporting goods and start your own ecommerce website, you can accept online payments through paypal, the funds would automatically come to your Indian Bank Account within 5-7 days, we can setup paypal for all your online payments and you can be rest assured for your export payments.

Indian Laws, Reserve Bank of India restrict the export payments coming through paypal, to $3000.00 per transaction, i.e, you can accept upto $3000.00 every transaction and not beyond the limit.

ECommerce - Software Features

An ECommerce website offers you various features, as an enterprenuer, you have complete control over your ecommerce application, you can manage what to sell and for how much to sell, you can also accept payments online through various online payment agencies (also known as Payment Gateways) for a small fee or commission.

The website comes with a separate password protected terminal where you can manage various aspects of the application, along with, you can also monitor your daily sales and inventory.

Relevant ECommerce Websites

We can develop Saree Ecommerce Website,TShirt ECommerce Website,Lingerie ECommerce Website,Travel Agency ECommerce Website, with complete online payments, inventory control, online store management, online sales stats and much more features and services.

Why Hire Avow India

Based in Kolkata (Kolkata, East India), Our decade of experience of developing, managing and maintaining ecommerce websites encourages us to offer you our ecommerce services, our ecommerce websites are secure, user friendly and can be updated and maintained without any special efforts.

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