Managed Hosting

Web Hosting is required for placing your website on the internet, we also offer reliable managed web hosting services to our web design clients. We have placed our web servers at the finest datacenters of United States and Germany.


We offer various package and pricing offers for our web hosting services, you can hire our servers in part or full, the web hosting rentals depend on the type of servers hired and required resources.

Server Types

At present, we offer Windows Server and Linux Servers, Windows Servers offer technologies like ASP.NET, SQL Server etc while Linux Servers offers technologies like PHP, CGI/PERL and MySQL.

Why Us

We have a dedicated team who looks after the web servers, our servers are co-located at the finest data centers of United States and Germany, our servers are monitored 24x7 and are secure from any internet threats.

We regularly update our servers with latest technologies and server updates, we have install various security majors to protect your data from unauthorized users.