Fix Hacked Website

So someone has hacked your website and have put some illegitimate content on your website, looking for someone to fix or repair your hacked website.

You should act fast, because if your hacked website gets indexed with google or other search engines, your website would be black listed and no web pages from your website would be displayed on search results, due to which you may lose your incoming traffic and SEO rank.

Repair Hacked Website

We have 10 years of experience dealing with hacked websites, hacked database, hacked hosting platforms and we know very well how to clean and fix hacked websites, whether the hacker has hacked your web pages or database, we can clean every file or data table of your website.

Fix Hacked Server

We also provide support to fix or repair hacked server, whether your Linux Server got Hacked or Windows Server got Hacked, we can fix it, we will also install measures so that your server does not gets hacked again.

Website has a Virus

If someone has installed a virus on your website and your website is black listed on search engines then we can clean your website with the virus or trojan and help you to get your website relisted on search engines.

Time Required to Repair a Hacked Website

We need atleast a two to three hours, to clean your hacked website, we search through every file and database table for the malicious code which the hacker might have put on your website and we ensure that each and every file of your website is repaired and fixed.

Our Expertise in Repairing Hacked Website

We started this service when a friend of our client told us that his website was hacked and he has no idea how to fix the same, his website was developed in php and mysql, the hacker had used SQL Injection to gain control of the CMS and inserted malicious code on the web pages and database which used to display adult content and advertisement on the hacked website.

We cleaned the website and database and upgraded there website so that it cannot be hacked using SQL Injection or other techniques, this job was done in June 2006, and since then we have reapired lots of website.

Websites We Can Repair

We can repair websites developed in PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, ColdFusion and JSP. This includes all open source projects like wordpress, prestashop, phpbb, oscommerce, opencart etc.

What Information We Need

To quote you a price and time, we only need your website address, to fix your hacked website, we need control panel login details and ftp login details of your website.

Its Urgent, How to Contact

Drop us a detailed email at info@avowindia.com.

How much do you charge to fix a hacked website

It depends on the way your website has been hacked, send us your website link, we will go through various sections of your website and then only we can quote you for the service, please note - we are not cheap, but we are affordable.