Logo Design

Perfect Corporate Identity Logo Design is defined by 3 factors: A logo must be most and for all 'identifiable', this means that some details in your logo makes it readable in any kind of circumstances.

The logo also needs to be 'memorable' among all other business logo design. This means: a simple shape, 1, 2 or 3 colors maximum and a simple but smart idea. More color and more shapes are used more it is difficult to remember. It takes an average 46 times to remember a 2 colors logo, much more when 3 colors are being used.

The last but an important factor, the logo has to be 'harmonious'. The aesthetic of a logo is not only a question of beautiful image and nice color it is also a question of harmony between 'an idea' and 'a shape'. This is why the selection of the right concept for your logo design key is to reach an appropriate result. A professional Graphic Logo Design Services should let handle 50% of the creative process by the client.